Your partner in accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Customer Experience (CX) to avoid missed opportunities.

ChatMode is a Strategic AI/Automation Firm & Microsoft Partner that develops strategies and technologies that focus on a superior customer experience (CX) to enable the future of work and avoid missed customer opportunities at any stage of growth.

Who We've Worked With

Our Workflow Optimization Suite

The ChatMode Team is proud to introduce our Workflow Optimization Suite to help organizations of any size build-in automation/ai-powered solutions that can empower employees to focus on more important tasks, while also reducing costs, increasing opportunities, and creating a better employee experience.

Our Community + Insight Efforts:

ChatMode has been behind amazing networks and communities such as…

– The Largest Chatbot/Automation Group in Seattle (1,000+ Members)

– An Insight Series with Microsoft Leaders Reaching 3k Viewer Per Week

– A LinkedIn Audience of over 15,000+ Members Receiving Weekly News/Updates about Artificial Intelligence

Increase Productivity

 With our AI-enabled solutions, organizations can automate traditionally manual, time consuming tasks to truly work at the speed of business.  Enable superior employee experience through intuitive & user friendly interfaces.

Boost Revenue

ChatMode’s AI-enabled applications accelerate access to business critical information and automate routine tasks, so employees never miss an opportunity and have the time to focus their attention on higher value tasks.

Reduce Costs

Our Azure AI development methodology focuses on leveraging the existing Microsoft Technology Stack to mitigate rip and replace, and to incorporate extensible architecture for future use cases.

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