Finally, your business apps speak for themselves.

Accelerate access to business critical information on Microsoft Teams with AI powered chatbots. 

Retrieve company reports, access knowledge bases, and download collateral in seconds. 

Save time, reduce costs & boost productivity across routine workplace tasks

Save Time

Chat Mode’s AI powered chatbots accelerate access to business critical information. By converting tasks that take minutes into seconds. No portals, no tabs, no confusion – just answers, in plain English, a message away.

Reduce Costs

Our chatbot development methodology focuses on leveraging the existing Microsoft Technology Stack to mitigate rip and replace, and to incorporate extensible architecture for future use cases.

Boost Productivity

 With AI-enabled chatbots, organizations can automate traditionally manual, time consuming tasks to truly work at the speed of business.  Enable superior employee experience through intuitive & user friendly chatbots.

Automated Reports

Automate push and pull reports from business applications (i.e., Dynamics, PowerBI, Azure Monitor, etc.)

Knowledge Management

Deliver organizational information at scale. Automate commonly asked questions/answers on Microsoft Teams.

Data Capture

Connect with existing business applications to add, modify, and delete data seamlessly.

Workflow Automation

Automate end-to-end workflows like HR requests, IT fulfillment, sales insights, custom RPA sequences, etc.


By leveraging Microsoft’s Technology Stack, Chat Mode is able to compose intelligent automation layers that integrate with existing environments and datasets.

Why Chat Mode?

Chat Mode is an AI consultancy that helps organizations design, develop and deploy AI powered Chatbots on Microsoft Teams to accelerate access to business information and to automate routine workplace tasks. We’ve worked with mid-market and enterprise organizations alike to help them deliver chatbot solutions that generate immediate business value.

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