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We’re all about finding effective ways to activate workplace automation through the power of conversation with Microsoft TeamsChatbots

Our vision.

To equip employees with automation superpowers 


By helping result-driven organizations* implement conversational AI on Microsoft Teams to enable workplace automation

*If you’re reading this, that’s probably you

What we believe

They might sound cliche… But we actually follow them.

Our most important value. Our “True North”. Everything we do revolves around what consumers (like you and me) want and need. Both today and tomorrow.

We’re committed to carrying out our mission with others who believe the same.

Selflessly sharing our learnings is key to widespread impact. Plus, we think it’s the right thing to do. 

So, we include actionable insights, relevant updates, and maybe a laugh or two with every piece of content we share. 

Through history, the leading technologies and businesses failed when they were “doing everything right”. Sticking with what’s tested and true is often what causes top companies to fall behind.

So, we respect the past, but won’t obsess over it.

“Iteration” and learning is usually the best path to innovation. We encourage experimenting fast and iterating, instead of limiting ourselves to what’s comfortable.

This helps take us, you, and the digital landscape to the next level.

Like any emerging tech, best practices need to be defined (with a focus on long term value). This means not everything equals monetary ROI in the short term.

Seeing new insights as a win sets you up for long term success.

We know you want access wherever you are, whenever. We’re always thinking of new ways to connect with you in a way makes the most sense to you. Also, we’ll never overstate our value or bombard you with meaningless buzzwords or marketing speak.

Like a trusted friend.

We believe everyone has value to add. We trust first, and take it away as necessary. We take ownership when we should, but let go otherwise.

Disruption is impossible to predict and measure by definition. While we make our best guess about the future (and have a pretty good track record) we focus more on improving the way we learn and adapt to change.

What we look like

Chad Oda

Head of Consulting | Partner

Chad Oda

Head of Engineering | Partner

Tyler Odenthal

Head of Operations | Partner

Nikhil Vimal

Strategic Partnership Advisor

Steven Matly

Strategic Advisor

Nyasha Tunduwani

Enough about us. Let's talk about you