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Don’t go it alone. Let us guide you through the storm with unbiased chatbot consulting and insights.

Your guiding light

If the world wants conversational experiences, you need a strategy to stay ahead. But with so much marketing speak and disruption, a trusted advisor can be the difference between sinking and swimming. Our chatbot consulting leads you through the confusing conversational AI space.

Our capabilities

Strategic advice

Cut through the noise with honest guidance on conversational strategy

Business deep dive

Outline the problems, KPI’s, wants, and needs specific to your business 

Vendor selection

Get a shortlist of vetted partners best matched to your project


Train your team, get hands on, and master your role

User research

Learn exactly what your users want. Today and tomorrow 


Save time and make data-driven decisions with our proprietary research

Why Chat Mode?

Exclusive insights

Access our real customer insights, stacks of case studies, and community of brands, technologists, and vendors. 


We’re not a platform or a design/dev agency. Our only agenda is helping you make the right choices.

We've been there

Over the years, our chatbot consulting helped top chatbot and voice innovators find their way.

(Ok… we’re done bragging)

Who we are

Chad Oda

Head of Consulting

Rustin Chamberlain

Head of Conversations

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