Convert conversations into actions

What could you accomplish if you didn’t have to spend 70 days a year on manual tasks? 

A single employee spends 552 hours a year completing manual, repetitive & inefficient tasks.

What would it mean for your employees and the business if you could automate those tasks today? 

Increased productivity, profitability, and market competitiveness – just to start.



We live in a new era and organizations are adapting

Messaging and automation are eating the world:

• Microsoft Teams has 75 million daily active users, up from 13 million in 2019

• Gartner reports that 70% of organizations globally are prioritizing workplace automation initiatives

• Salesforce projects +136% growth rate of AI chatbots use over the next 18 months

Make automation accessible to your employees

by enabling it on the channel they use most, Microsoft Teams. 

A study conducted by MIT revealed that companies that prioritize employee experience have 25% higher profitability than their competitors

Microsoft Teams + Chatbots = Employee Superpowers

Leverage your investment

Leverage the Microsoft infrastructure you’ve already invested in (Dynamics, Teams, Sharepoint, etc.) and enable it through conversational automation

Drive immediate value

Practical use cases that simplify, streamline and automate business workflows that drive immediate business outcomes

Future proofed

Microsoft’s evolving conversational AI ecosystem enables future extension of use cases via voice, RPA, computer vision, and other cognitive services & connectors.  

Use Cases

convert conversations into automated outcomes

Knowledge Management

“How do I reset my network credentials?”

Automated Reports

“Send me this month's sales projections”

Workflow Automation

“I want to update a sales opportunity”

Workplace Productivity

“I want to schedule a meeting with Allison”

Chat Mode is your chatbot partner from ideation to implementation

Business Analysis

Research and analysis of viable, valuable, and feasible use cases and development of project requirements.

Conversation Design

UX design process for designing persuasive, useful, and engaging chatbot conversations.

Chatbot Training

Proprietary methods for generating and optimizing conversational training data for NLU models.

Development Process

Design, development and integration of dialog flows, business logic, enterprise applications, NLU, and channel connectors. 

Implementation Testing & Strategy

Quality assurance, internal go-live planning, employee enablement, and launch monitoring.

Ongoing Engagement

Post-delivery strategy, analytics, optimization (e.g., NLU, flows, etc.), and extending use cases with additional capabilities. 

Companies we've worked with

Why Chat Mode?

Exclusive insights

Leverage leading trends, best practices, and insights from our community and industry partners.

Singularly focused

An experienced team dedicated to building best of breed internal chatbot solutions for Microsoft Teams.

We've been there

Over the years we’ve supported enterprises, mid-market companies, and start-ups with their conversational AI initiatives. 

(Ok… we’re done bragging)

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