Chatbots for eSports

AI-Powered Fan Growth and Engagement through Conversational AI.

Chat Mode develops custom AI-powered chatbots that provide eSports Teams with new opportunities for growth and engagement with their audiences.

Use Chatbots to power the next generation of competitive  gaming and grow your team to a new level!

Supporting Students In "The New Normal"

As schools quickly roll-out new distance learning technologies and teaching methodologies, students and their parents are requesting support, and the volume of questions is frequently surpassing the capacity of the departments that serve them.

As a result, students and parents are frequently experiencing extended support times to get the answers they need for their students to be successful. 

This is why Chat Mode developed an AI solution to support educators to enable them to provide automated support at scale, complements support departments, and integrates with existing ticketing and LMS systems.

How Do AI-powered Chatbot Support Schools?

Chatbots are AI assistants that can understand, interpret, and respond in natural language autonomously. Providing students and their parents with instant answers to their questions.

Chatbots are powered by training data. For example a list of frequently asked IT questions or district updates on COVID19 policies. 

Chatbots take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to frequently asked questions, so your support team can focus on more complex support requests. 

Enable Support Across Channels

Microsoft Teams (Desktop & Mobile)
School Website

Chat Mode Designs, Develops, & Deploys Custom EDU Chabots

Customized AI model & feature modules.

Integration with ticketing systems and LMS systems. 

Deployment across multiple channels (e.g., Teams, website)

Synchronous & asynchronous escalation paths (i.e., live chat handoff, email, ticketing) 

SSO integration and 256-bit AES data encryption

Chat Mode will work closely with your team to thoroughly understand your distance learning initiatives, analyze department support data, identify use cases, and develop a chatbot that will support your students and their parents to help them to succeed. 

Chat Mode’s consulting methodology is based on a systematic approach that ensures 360 degrees of alignment between objectives, use cases, technologies, and future extensibility. 

We’re invested in our client’s long-term success. Our solutions & strategies provides guidance in the present, solutions in the near term, and positioning for the future.

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