The Future is the AI-Powered Employee Experience

We empower organizations to save their employees up to 600+ hours per year on manual tasks with AI-enabled Automation using Microsoft Azure AI, RPA, Conversational AI, and Data Science/Machine Learning.

Our Take: The Employee Experience Productivity Intelligence Suite

The ChatMode Team is proud to introduce the Automated + Intelligent Employee Experience Suite which contains multiple pick-and-choose products for Microsoft Teams, all designed to facilitate the Future of Work. We offer tools such as HR Requests, Onboarding, Internal Approvals, Organizational FAQ, CRM Integrations, and other Teams-enabled apps.

We believe the way business information is accessed today is broken
and we're on a mission to help companies change that

The average employee spends 554 hours a year on manual tasks
40% of a knowledge worker’s time is spent searching for and organizing data
Businesses with at least 1,000 employees lose $10 million from poor productivity tools

Chat Mode is an AI consultancy that develops Microsoft Teams Chatbots that accelerate access to business information and automate workplace tasks to increase productivity, boost revenue, and decrease cost.

Customer service was overloaded with redundant user inquiries like order shipping status. This hurt CSAT and time to resolution. As one of the fastest growing companies of their kind, they didn’t have the time or resources to create a clear path to resolution.

Before exploring a user-facing product, we discovered it took internal employees multiple clicks to find common order info.

We also noticed employees primarily communicated with Teams. Our bot helped them skip a few steps with an easy way to get the info they needed.

Now, just an order number or email brought them helpful order info without leaving Teams. All integrated with their existing systems.

Critical business information was not readily accessible between international business units. This resulted in miscommunication and lost sales opportunities. As a multinational organization with regional specific IT infrastructures, there wasn’t a clear cut solution.

Our research indicated that Microsoft Teams was their primary messaging solution across international locals. 

Furthermore, the existing process of accessing business critical information was either stored in difficult to reach knowledge repositories or was reliant on an employee response via email – that could some times take weeks. 

Our bot helped address both of these obstacles by centralizing access to critical information and making it automatically accessible without human intervention.

The bot also integrated with their existing Sharepoint knowledge base and integrated with their Microsoft Business Applications to access data. 

Compliance experts were overwhelmed with questions from new hires and existing workflows required several manual steps to complete. This increased resolution times and limited availability for high-value work. As one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world ensuring compliance is an imperative.

During our initial analysis of existing data, we were able to identify frequently asked questions that yielded significant bandwidth constraints. 

Additionally, we reviewed existing workflows and identified process improvements. Our bot was able to automate their existing manual workflows by integrating several disparate steps into a seamless experience. 

Now, new employees can get access to compliance information and services without overloading the compliance experts team. 

Human resources was overwhelmed with questions from employees regarding COVID-19 and remote work policies. This hurt resolution times, quality of service, and limited ability for high-value work. As a leading financial institution adapting to changing business conditions securing a solution was of utmost importance.

Our Microsoft Teams chatbot provided employees with actionable information on COVID-19 by leveraging a knowledge base from the CDC. 

Additionally, the bot provided HR guidance on remote work policies, reimbursement claims, and access to internal mental wellness programs. 

The chatbot enabled the human resources department to address employees inquiries and needs seamlessly and in real-time.

Sales team had difficulty accessing collateral on their sales enablement platform. This led to lost opportunities and limited availability for high-value work. As a results-driven organization, ensuring their sales force has the right tools is a necessity to increase close rates. 

Through Teams we were able to deploy a bot that accessed case studies, marketing decks, datasheets, RFP responses, etc. from their sales enablement platform. 

Additionally, our bot integrated with their Dynamics 365 instance to pull sales data on specific accounts and sales pipeline reports highlighting opportunities by sales stage. 

Now, sales reps and leadership can access sales collateral or sales reports instantly without leaving Teams. 

Increase Productivity

 With our AI-enabled solutions, organizations can automate traditionally manual, time consuming tasks to truly work at the speed of business.  Enable superior employee experience through intuitive & user friendly interfaces.

Boost Revenue

ChatMode’s AI-enabled applications accelerate access to business critical information and automate routine tasks, so employees never miss an opportunity and have the time to focus their attention on higher value tasks.

Reduce Costs

Our Azure AI development methodology focuses on leveraging the existing Microsoft Technology Stack to mitigate rip and replace, and to incorporate extensible architecture for future use cases.

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Increase productivity, boost revenue & decrease cost across The workplace by enabling automation superpowers for your organization.

Chat Mode will help your organization stitch together existing business data, architect automation layers, and activate them via AI Chatbots on Microsoft Teams.  

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