Dynamics 365 Sales At Your Fingertips

Drive Sales Productivity With AI-Powered Chatbots

Empower your sales team with an intelligent sales assistant to enable instant access to sales insights and automation for routine CRM tasks.

By integrating with Dynamics 365 Sales, our custom AI-powered chatbot can send sales reports, customer insights, marketing collateral, and allow sales reps to update leads without ever leaving Teams.   

Accelerate your organization's sales cycles, increase wins, and reduce lost opportunities

Chat Mode works with organizations to create customized AI sales assistants for Microsoft Teams that integrate with Dynamics 365

Our sales chatbots are custom tailored with specific modules based on a sales organizations specific needs
Update Sales Data
Access Sales Reports
Sales pipeline
Conversion rates
Average deal size
Won/lost deals
Download Sales Collateral

Sales decks
RFP responses

Retrieve Client Information

Case studies

Sales Collateral Chatbot Module

Sales reps spend less than 36% of time selling (And Less Than 18% In CRM) due to manual tasks and processes.

Our Dynamics 365 chatbots  help sales reps save time and sell more effectively by making it simple to retrieve, create, and update CRM information.


Streamline Your Sales Workflows With Microsoft Teams Chatbots

Example: Access Dynamics Sales Reports

The Old Way - 6 Steps | Multi-step Process
The New Way - 1 Step | AI-Powered Chatbot

Increase Revenue

Increase revenue by enabling sales reps to access the information they need, when they need

Optimize Productivity

Optimize productivity by turning overly complex workflows into user-friendly experiences

Decrease Costs

Reduce costs by cutting down on time consuming tasks & errors that decelerate sales efforts 

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