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The first multimodal Amazon Alexa platform that gives voice skills the power of Facebook Messenger.

Raise your voice (apps)

For everyday things like shopping and searching, we think voice is the future.


But voice-only experiences are held back by platform limitations. For example, Amazon’s Alexa doesn’t let you link to your own website, or send notifications users might want.

Why Seamless?

Voice platform limitations can make it hard for developers to create enjoyable, user-friendly experiences.


We wanted to allow voice apps that empower consumers. So we created a comprehensive bridge between Amazon’s Alexa and the rich, interactive features of Facebook Messenger.

A whole new world of possibilities

All new insights

• Cross-channel behavior tracking
• Purchase attribution
• Integrated with popular analytics platforms
• Facebook data (gender, name, profile info)

Frictionless voice shopping

• Interactive galleries, buttons, and other media
• Better personalization
• New marketing channel

Futuristic gaming

• Concurrent multiplayer voice games (ex. team trivia)
• Interactive visual elements
• Keyboard functionality

Easy booking

• Confirm voice bookings in messenger
• Create a common travel profile
• Get interactive notifications on the go

Lots more

• Monetize lists with sponsored results
• Enhanced skill and feature discoverability
• Continue conversations away from Alexa


Do my end users need to create a Seamless account?

No. They only need to link their pre-existing Facebook and Amazon accounts.

Is Seamless a standalone app?

No Seamless is a platform that extends existing voice apps.

Do users have to link their Facebook account when installing the voice app?

Users do have to link their Facebook account, which can be achieved in 3 different ways. Either required/optional when a user installs the app, or after installation by sending a card to the user’s phone. Simple passcode matching is also available (no login required).

What platforms is it currently available for?

Seamless currently works with Amazon’s Alexa and Facebook Messenger. More integrations are in the works. Stay tuned!

Ready for a new way to connect with users?